The Big Reveal

Before we get started on the big reveal of our Dare to Design winner, let me just say WOW!

WOW! to all of the wonderful, creative, worthy designs!

And WOW! to all the thousands (quite literally, thousands) of votes we received!

And WOW (not to mention thanks a million!) to all our faithful Shabby Apple-seeds who helped me count them.

Really, you guys are the bestest.

And your wish is my command.

The winner of our Dare to Design competition is...

(Drum roll please...)

(Keep scrolling...)

(Is the suspense killing you yet?...)

(OK, fine, I'll tell...)

This adorable ditty, The Lawn Frock, from Grosgrain Fabulous!

Congratulations to the fabulous designer!

And congratulations to all of you, who can own this dress come Spring. (And who is ready for Spring? I am. Already. It is going to be a l000ng winter.)

Thanks again to all our designers, and all our voters. I am giving you a cyber hug right now. And stick around because, as always, there is lots more fabulousness where that came from.

You know?


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