It's Easy Being Green

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The other day I was walking downtown and there was a man shouting out, "Learn more about green fashion!" and handing out leaflets. I took one. And it wasn't about "green fashion" at all. It was thinly veiled animal rights activism with really disturbing pictures of dead sheep on the front. My friend, Cristy, got really mad and called the guy a liar. He just smiled.

Don't worry, I would never do such a thing to you. My interest was sparked, though, so I did a little research of my own.

The first thing that came to mind when I started thinking about green fashion was recycling old clothes. Donating your little-worn items to a thrift store or consignment store is obviously an easy, green way to go. I also like passing on old favorites to people I know will love them and wear them as much as I have. You can even get some friends together for a closet swap, with everyone bringing a pile of old, but fashionable, good-conditioned clothes that are ready for a new home.

Another one of my favorite ideas is cutting up a few different favorite items and combining them to make something new. Maybe you love the design on a certain T-shirt, but it's too threadbare to wear in public anymore. Cut off the design and sew it into a new T-shirt, or even onto a collared shirt or a hoodie for something old and something new. Do you have a cardigan that just doesn't get you as excited as it used to? Sew some lace around the hems, or spruce it up with a couple handmade rossettes. And, voila! You have something new without buying something new.

If you are buying something new, but still want to limit your fashion impact, there are plenty of ways to do that, too. Stick with organic fabrics, like cotton, and companies, like Fair Indigo that provide fair trade merchandise. You can even get vegan shoes designed by Natalie Portman!

Still skeptical? Take a little trip over to TreeHugger for 7 Reasons Why You Should Care About Sustainable Fashion.

I bet you feel like a better person already.


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