Keeping Up

As you well know, dear reader, there is a lot going on here at Shabby Apple, all the time.

How to keep up with fashion advice, trend tips and useful how-tos, not to mention all the wonderful dresses and accessories Shabby Apple has to offer?

It is a conundrum, to be sure.

But, lucky for you, I am here to make things easier. And I am most pleased to announce that you can now follow the happenings at your favorite dress company with the new Shabby Apple widget.


Just add this little guy to your own blog or Web site and you'll know the second anything new comes up. And all your friends, family and blog stalkers will be able to access our content through your site as well. What a deal!

Still not enough?

Well, it's still your lucky day, because there are even more ways to keep up with Shabby Apple.

For example, look for us on Twitter. You'll be notified every time this blog is updated, and some special promotional codes just might make their way to you as well.

Or, sign up for our RSS feed. You can subscribe as a reader or subscribe using e-mail and be notified the minute, nay, the very second (!) anything new comes along. You, my friends, will always be ahead of the game.

And, finally, if you miss something or you have a question, or a suggestion for something you want to see covered on the blog, or you just want to write and tell me how awesome I am, you can now send e-mails to

Satisfied now? You will have instant, all-day, every day access. Sort of like we're roommates. Or sisters.

Now, doesn't that sound fun?


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