Here comes the... Perfectly Dressed Wedding Guest!

I am going to make a little confession here and say that weddings are not my favorite thing. In fact, a few summer ago I took a little wedding hiatus. I mean, sure, I love to see my friends and family members happy and in love as much as the next person, but the whole business of wedding attendance can be completely exhausting. What to get for a gift? To take a date or no? And, of course, what in the world to wear?

Well, here at Shabby Apple we can't solve all your problems, but we can solve some. Because we can't stay on wedding hiatus forever, here are some helpful hints for looking good at any nuptial celebration, without upstaging the bride, of course. (Unless, of course, the bride happens to be marrying your ex-boyfriend or something, in which case I think a totally different set of rules apply.)

But, I digress.

Fall-ing In Love

For a fall wedding, brown, orange, cream and yellow accent items such as shoes, purses, scarves and jewelry, will help tie your ensemble together, and tie it to the season as well. What's that you say? You wish you had a killer pair of orange suede heels? We thought you might say that. Don't be afraid to choose a dress with a bold pattern, like autumnal plaid, or an eye-catching metallic dress that transitions perfectly from a quiet evening ceremony to the late-night wedding festivities. Also don't be afraid to use some layers. I don't care what your mom said at Prom. There is no need to freeze to look good!

Winter Wonderland

For a winter wedding, stick to dresses with a little more length, as well as dresses made from thicker material. Accents in red, black or plum are a good way to bring a little style to the long winter months. Just be sure that whatever you choose matches the tone and setting of the wedding. For more formal affairs, stick with elegant, knee-length dresses, such as the classy black lace Antiquated dress, and simple accessories in metallics or shiny stones. (Don't be afraid of cubic zirconia. We promise no one can tell the difference!) Strings of beads and tea-length dresses are a good option for more casual events.

Spring Bliss

It might seem far away, but Spring wedding invitations will be coming before you know it, so might as well start planning now. As always with Spring, pastel colors and floral prints on a light, airy fabric do best. Word to the wise (from more personal experience than I would care to admit): triple-check the transparency of your light, airy dress before you walk out the door and into the chapel of love. You upstaging the bride is bad enough. Your unmentionables on accidental display upstaging her is even worse.

Summer Lovin'

For summer weddings, forget about fancy accessories and go for bright, bold colors that speak for themselves. Knee-length dresses are best for summer, and if you have to spice them up, do it with a bold belt or brightly patterned shoes.

My final word of advice? Wear a dress with plenty of mobility for all-night dancing, and the brawl that will certainly follow the bouquet toss. You'll be worried about what people will wear to your wedding before you know it.

Are you an expert on dressing for someone else's wedded bliss?
Please, give us your best "perfectly dressed guest" tips!


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