In The Apple-light: Betty Beguiles

I am most pleased to introduce a new feature on this here blog of fashion goodness, "In The Apple-light" (like limelight, but with apples. Because, you know, Shabby Apple. Get it? Another joke!), wherein I, Frances, introduce you, our loyal Shabby Apple customers and fans, to each other! Who doesn't like to make new friends, right? Especially new friends with impeccable style and fashion-sense.

And so, dear ones, without further delay I give you the lovely and talented Betty, a fellow crusader for modesty with charm, and proprietor of the delightful blog, Betty Beguiles.

Job Description: stay-at-home mom (and homeschooler!) of four kids under the age of six (whew!) and wife of seven years to Dan, "the cutest, sweetest husband a girl could ask for." All together now: Awww!

Favorite Color: Blue.

Favorite Food: Strawberries.

Favorite Indulgence: Long, hot, bubbly baths and dark chocolate

What is your greatest accomplishment? My marriage and our four children. (All together now: Awww!)

How do you get yourself into a creative mood? Music usually works, but sometimes you just have to dive in and hope inspiration follows.

Where is your favorite place? Somewhere near the water. Beaches, lakes, rivers, or any place that has lots of rain.

Where have you lived? California, Texas and Alabama.

Where have you traveled? I've backpacked through Europe, seen a bit of India, and have explored much of our own lovely country, the USA.

What is your worst habit? Biting my nails. I drive myself crazy! I just can't stop!

What would you do with $1,000 right now? I'd go shopping for dresses, new and vintage! (We hear you on that one, Betty! Who's with her?)

How did you hear about Shabby Apple? Good old Google. I was searching for lovely, modest wear.

What is your favorite item of clothing? A new 1950s green and blue chiffon dress I found online.

What is your favorite Shabby Apple dress? Nantucket. (I selected it with help from the Fit To Flatter feature. I was not disappointed.)

What do you think someone's clothes tells other people about them? So much. Are they outgoing? Demure? Artsy? Humorous? Serious?

Describe yourself in one word. Traveling.

And that, ladies and gentlemen (are there any gentlemen reading this? Besides the cutest, sweetest husband in the world, Dan?), is our new friend Betty. Nice to meet you!

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