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We all know that women come in many different shapes and sizes, and sometimes finding clothes that are "just right" can seem impossible (I'm looking at you, ever-elusive pair of perfect jeans).

Oftentimes our trouble comes, not from a lack of flattering clothes, but from a lack of understanding about what is most flattering on us. Just because it's trendy doesn't mean it will look good on everyone (skinny jeans, anyone?) and finding the right style of clothes can be a frustrating game of trial and error.

But, never fear! Shabby Apple has introduced Fit To Flatter, a quick and easy guide to what looks best on you. Hop on the Web site and check it out. Everyone has an asset to flaunt, and Fit To Flatter will help you make sure you're flaunting the right one(s).

You'll start off with a three-question quiz.

When you splurge and eat a bunch of chocolate cake, where does it go? (If you never splurge and eat a lot of chocolate cake I would like to stick my tongue out at you. Just once.)

What do you love about your body? (Don't be shy. We all have something.)

And how would you describe your body? (You might need a dictionary for this part. Rubenesque means "full figured," just for your information.)

Answer these three simple questions, and the mystery of what looks best on you will be unfolded! When I took the quiz, I came out as a "pencil" (seems sort of appropriate, since I am a journalist, after all), but I actually think pear is a little more accurate, given my "full, womanly hips." (Ooo-la-la!) Some good options for me include Tuxedo IV from the new fall line, Ballerina and, my all-time favorite, 16 Candles. (Thank goodness that made the list! I don't know what I would have done if it wasn't the right fit for me after all.)

More of an hourglass yourself? Look for dresses with fitted waists and straight skirts, like Buttoned Up or Antiquated. Or are you more athletic? Dresses like Daisy and Marseilles are the perfect way to show off your toned arms and legs. And the list goes on. No matter what you look like, Shabby Apple has a dress that will make you look, and feel, good.


What is your favorite asset and why?


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