Couture with a Conscience

Some of you may have found your way to Shabby Apple through the delightful blog of Stephanie Nielson. So some of you may know that Stephanie and her husband, Christian, were involved in a private plane crash a few weeks ago that left them both in critical condition in an Arizona hospital, with months of recovery and mounting medical bills ahead. For more details and updates, go here.

In an impressive show of Interweb solidarity, friends, family and strangers have banded together with auctions, fundraisers, decorations for hospital rooms and more to help this little family. Check it out. Here at Shabby Apple, we are always interested in doing our part and so I proudly announce our own Nie Recovery Auction Extravaganza!

It goes a little something like this. There is a Nantucket dress up for grabs! And it can be yours if you follow these few, simple rules.
Leave your bids in the comment section below. Be sure to include your name and e-mail address so we can reach you if you are the winner.
Bids should be made in one dollar increments. (Or more!) Decimals make me cranky.

Bidding will close two weeks from today, on Sept. 24th th at 10 p.m. Mountain Standard Time.
Once the bidding has closed, I will announce the winner right here on this here blog. You will be famous! And you will also be the proud owner of Nantucket. Not to mention a happy heart that knows you did something good to help someone in need.

The winner will simply use this button to donate the money directly to the Nie Recovery PayPal account.

Once you have your PayPal receipt, send it to me, and I will send you your dress! And every time you wear it, you will feel that special, warm glow that only comes from knowing you did something good for someone else. (Not to mention that you get a totally hot dress out of the whole deal!)

To read more about Nie's favorite Shabby Apple dress, go here. Now, start bidding and get a favorite dress of your own! And tell your friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors, the stranger who sits next to you on the bus and the person who bags your groceries to come here and bid, too!

I'll start the bidding at $30.

Going once, going twice...


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