The Misses

Will you forgive me that it has been so long?

I am so sorry.

Will it make it easier for you to forgive me if I tell you I got engaged?

I hope so.

Will you keep reading this blog if it becomes a vehicle for me getting advice about wedding-related decisions like what in the heck I should wear in my hair and what kinds of things people like to do at wedding receptions?

You will?

Well, gee. Thanks, you guys.

In return, I'll tell you that there is a sale on over at Anthropologie. (You know, in case you wanted to get a jump start on shopping for my bridal shower gift.)

And maybe if you have a few minutes left after that, you can pop over to Reagan's Blob for her review of an extra special Shabby Apple spring dress.

There. That's better, right?

Let's not stay apart so long again.


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