Sky(scraper) Is The Limit

Having some trouble getting over the Hump Day hump? Behold, a remedy! Take a deep breath and let this story of sleek adventure sweep you away. Here is a tease to start you off, and keep your eyes peeled for the golden nugget at the end.

Hong Kong.

“Hong Kong,” said my boss, smelling of Bvlgari Aqua.

I had been promoted. Advertising was my field, and apparently America wasn’t my place. Hong Kong was. With moving up, came moving on.

Stepping out of the cab in my new home, all I could see was iron and glass, woven together so seamlessly it seemed as though building a skyscraper was no less work than constructing simple blocks. With so many of them towering so far above the ground, it was hard to tell where the buildings stopped and the sky began.

So dramatic a scene could only be rivaled by deity, as the man-formed architecture dramatically drops to the earth and meets the Pearl River Delta.

Water weaves through the city like a jagged snake, beckoning you to come near. The mystical juxtaposition of nature and man, so pointedly expressed in this ‘fragrant harbor,’ both allured and frightened me.

But after four years, a newfound love of dim sum, the refuge of Repulse Bay, and seas of tourists replaced any lingering anxieties about a new land. Hong Kong had become close to my heart. Some say that Hong Kong is a place where East meets West. And, somewhere between North Point and Kennedy Town my western heritage melted into an eastern backdrop.

This meeting of greatness inspires the Skyscraper line. Dramatic colors and dramatic backdrops weave with business grace to form these well-fitted dresses that flatter every figure.

Feeling better? There might be two (and a half) more days in the workweek, but you can spend them day-dreaming about a new line of work-ready dresses from Shabby Apple.

Happy Hump Day and Sweet Dress Dreaming!


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