Always a Bridesmaid

The only time I was ever involved in a wedding party, it was for my aunt and uncle's Chuck-Wagon Wedding and I was a flower girl. They got married on horseback and I wore a denim skirt, a cowboy hat and red Keds. It was awesome.

Unfortunately, cowboy chic doesn't work for very many nuptials, and I think we've all probably witnessed some pretty bad attempts at bridesmaid fashion. (Raise your hand if you have a shiny, teal, puffy-sleeved dress in your closet. I thought so.) Finding the perfect dresses for your bridesmaids can be almost as difficult as finding the perfect dress for yourself.

Which brings me to the following wonderful news. Shabby Apple, that friend that always has your best interests at heart, is introducing a line of hip and flattering bridesmaid dresses! (Applause.) And, it gets better! We want you to help us choose! That's right. This isn't a one-way street, people. Your input matters.

Below you will find a total of 11 designs, from two incredibly talented Shabby Apple designers. (I'll just warn you now to hang on to your socks, or else they will get knocked off.) Each design has been assigned a number. Here's what we need you to do: vote for your favorite one. That's all. Just vote. Just one time. (Please, please, pretty please, just one time!) The three designs with the most votes will get the green light, and that eternal bridesmaid dress dilemma will be solved forevermore.

So, without further ado, the contestants are:






6. (left), 7. (center), 8. (right).

9. (left), 10. (center), 11. (right)

So, to sum up.

1. Shabby Apple is going to introduce a line of bridemaid dresses.

2. We want you to help.

3. Hop into the comments section and vote for your favorite design, using the number it has been assigned.

4. Only vote one time, for one design, unless you want me to die of an anxiety attack.

5. Check back here to find out who the winners are!

6. Buy Shabby Apple dresses, bridesmaid and otherwise.

Voting will end TWO WEEKS from today, at midnight MST on January 29th, so get on it. After all, bridesmaid bliss awaits.


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