Night to Day

One of my favorite things about the winter season is fancy, frilly party dresses. I love them. All that shiny satin, sparkling sequins and beads, ruffles and pleats and all around goodness. I can't get enough. But, I am always reluctant to spend a lot of money on a party dress because I wear it to a party and then what?

Well, I finally have the answer! Then I turn that party dress into an everyday dress, like this:

I think this outfit is brilliant. (Why didn't I think of it?) By pairing a fancier dress with colorful, casual shoes, and a quilted jacket that could be worn just as easily with jeans, our friend here turns the party into the everyday practical.

Some other ways to achieve the same result could include pairing colorful patterned tights and flat boots with a slinky satin dress, or throwing a cardigan and ballet flats on with a longer, slim and sweeping gown. Try leaving the front of a button-up dress open and wearing a collared shirt under it, or wearing a shorter, cocktail-style dress over pants or leggings. The options are endless! And you'll get more mileage out of your pretty party dresses than ever before.

For more style inspiration like this, check out The Sartorialist.

And tell us, how would you transform your favorite party dress into everyday wear?


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