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Frances here, and I am oh-so-excited to welcome you to the new Shabby Apple blog! (Though there will be nothing "shabby" about it, I can promise you that.)

If you're reading this, my guess is you're already a big fan, or at least thinking about becoming one (do it! do it now!) but for our new friends out there, Shabby Apple is the first and only place you should look for stylish dresses. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself.

With the new fall line out, there are plenty of darling dresses to choose from, but my all-time favorite is still 16 Candles. (I would, honestly, wear it every day, if that sort of thing were socially appropriate.) The ruffled skirt is flouncy and fun and gives you plenty of room to move around in, and the simple, fitted top is flattering on just about everyone. This dress might also have magical powers, because if you happen to forget your bra on the day that you wear it, no one will notice. Or at least, everyone will say they can't tell. Not that I would know that from personal experience or anything. I'm just saying.

But enough about me!
What is your favorite Shabby Apple dress and why?


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