UPDATED-- Do You Dare? Go Design!

Hello, friends!

I have been talking a lot about myself lately (still on the look-out for creative wedding centerpiece ideas, btw) so today I thought I would talk about you.

Namely your chance to design a dress and have it become part of Shabby Apple's Spring line.

That's right, my lovelies! Dare to Design is back!

And this year, there's a twist. We will, of course, be accepting all your fabulous dress designs, but this year we are opening the competition up to skirts and blouses as well. So many design options!

The rules are the same as they have ever been.

You don't need to be a professional designer or seamstress or model or car salesman to enter.

Design a dress or a skirt or a blouse using whatever medium you are most comfortable with-- you can draw it out, sew up a prototype, use a computer program.

Then post your design on your own personal blog and be sure to link back to us in the post. (Posts that are not linked will not be considered. Because I said so.)

You'll also need to let us know where to find you. Please send us an e-mail at and let us know where we can find your post. We'll come on over and take a gander!

We'll narrow the field to 15 submissions and post them right here. The people will speak and a winner will be crowned.

The schedule will go down like this:

The contest starts on June 15th-- that's TWO DAYS from now! And you have until August 10th to submit your brilliant designs.

We'll have the Final 15 up on the blog by August 17th and you'll have until September 10th to vote on them. (September 10th, my wedding day! Because it always comes back to me.)

And we'll announce the big winner on September 14th. I mean, I won't, because I'll be sunning in the Turks and Caicos. But someone will. I promise.

And now, off with you!
Design away!


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